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What's New in 2001

ANZAC Discoveries was offered during 2000, and used by hundreds of teachers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For 2001, the structure of the resource is largely intact, with a focus placed on refining, extending, and adding.

The updates include:
    A new Activitiy for each of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

   Two new areas of Information - Life for Children during a war, and the Returned Services groups

   Some statistics have been added to the What Life was Like information area.

   A series of Team Challenges have been added.

   Our ANZACs - a section showing local ANZACs and their traditions.

   The Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning - a look at ANZAC Discoveries through a Professional Development model..

   A cost - just $NZ22.50 ($NZ20.00 + GST) for each class. This cost includes objectives, lesson sequences, assesment and evaluation opportunities, resources, professional development, and more.

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