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Site Map This page has been designed to allow users to see an overview of the ANZAC Discoveries 2001 Internet site, and jump quickly to the various components within it.

The Student Activities have been created around the idea of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, while the Information has been presented at three levels. The links that are active in these two areas relate to the ANZAC story of Simpson and his Donkey.

The Teacher Talk links are an opportunity to explore the resource through the Brainways Keys to Teaching and Learning.

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Student Activities
Teacher Talk
Brainways Home Page Level 1 & 2 ANZAC Biscuits The Brainways Keys
Teacher Visual / Spatial Ceremonies Philosophy / Pedagogy
Student Verbal / Linguistic Communication Student Needs
E-mail Brainways Mathematical / Logical Gallipoli Learning Objectives
  Body / Kinaesthetic Poppies Assessmnet & Evaluation
  Musical / Rhythmical Women and War ICT Tools
  Naturalist Songs and Poems Resources
  Intrapersonal / Self What Life was Like Professional Development
  Interpersonal / People Simpson and his Donkey  
    Life for Children Plus ...
  Level 3 & 4 The RSA The Essential Curriculum
  Visual / Spatial Remembering our ANZACs Multiple Intelligences
  Verbal / Linguistic   Assessment Tasks
  Mathematical / Logical   Setting up for Success
  Body / Kinaesthetic   The Learning Centre
  Musical / Rhythmical   Using E-mail
  Naturalist   What's New in 2001
  Intrapersonal / Self   Site Map
  Interpersonal / People    
  Team Challenges    
  Our ANZACs    

The next step could be to explore the Information and Activities links, to get an understanding of what teachers and students will be able to access.

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