Simpson and his Donkey

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The life and times of John Simpson Kirkpatrick July 6, 1892 - May 19, 1915.

This is a long page that has been broken into a number of headings: Early life, The first 24 hours at ANZAC, Simpson finds a Donkey, Simpson - the man, His last day, and No decorations.

You could use the scroll bar to help you scan down the headings, looking for the information you are seeking.

The site is maintained by the Hassle Free Travel Agency. Their Internet site says "Hassle Free Travel Agency combines accommodation at a number of Hostels and Hotels in the area, along with a fully guided Gallipoli tour, a fully guided Troy tour, ANZAC Day services and all transfers into a package that is priced with the budget traveller in mind."

Poppy.gif (796 bytes) Simpson and his donkey ... how they made a difference at Gallipoli.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes) Sadly good things don't always last.
Poppy.gif (796 bytes) The donkey, our unsung hero. What makes them so special and how can we care for them?

This Internet site has been developed by Jeanine A. Rachau a.k.a. "Neene". She simply says "I am donkey fan. I'd like to share my fascination with this gentle creature that has helped shape human history and can stand in line among some of mankind's oldest domesticated creatures."


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